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▼ Shelly de Killer [ OU ]
Birthday: January 17th
Astrology Sign: Capricorn
Soul Arcana: Justice
Unlucky Arcana: The Magician , Wheel of Fortune, The Emperor & Temperance
String Color: [#EF7BA5]

▼ Personality Snapshot
A gentleman with a finely honed sense of honour and a little bit of a murderous streak. He places great importance in trust.

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▶ [Official art (Gyakuten Kenji 2)]
▶ ["Hey, how far down do the stitches g-- oh sweet lord."]

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IC inbox

Jan. 19th, 2014 11:22 am
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This is John Doe. Regrettably, it appears I am not available at the moment. Leave a message and I will attempt to reach you again as swiftly as possible.
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Am I Shellying wrong? Feel free to tell me here! Comments are screened and... I hope anon is on? Uh. POKE ME IF IT ISN'T AND I'LL FIGURE IT OUT.

Anyway yes feel free to crit me at any time!
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Hello! Shelly here comes from a point post-Investigations 2 (you know, the one game we didn't get in the west because fuck Capcom). There shouldn't be too many spoilers in the great majority of posts/tags, but I understand people may prefer to avoid interacting with Shelly altogether in order to minimize the risk. Please comment here if you either:

a) are okay with Shelly tags, but wish to stay clear of spoilers
b) don't want Shelly tags at all.

You can comment too if you just don't care about spoilers, but that's not really necessary. :U In any case, all comments are screened. Thank you very much!
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Out Of Character Information
Name: Naem | [[personal profile] mistytpednaem]
Age: 20
Time zone: GMT.
Contact: gracefulgraveler on AIM; [ profile] mistytpednaem
Anything we should know?: English is, indeed, my second language, but I've been told I'm pretty good with it, so I don't think that's something to worry about. :U Also I get nervous about shit sometimes AND I'M SORRY IN ADVANCE

In Character Information
Name: Shelly de Killer (AKA John Doe when he needs a pseudonym. Not that Shelly de Killer is likely to be a real name.)
Series: Ace Attorney
Canon Standing: Post Gyakuten Kenji 2
Age: It is a mystery! Let's say around 50.
Birthday & Astrology Sign: January 17th, Capricorn (headcanon as hell)
Arcana: Justice

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Because I know I drift just a little too much sometimes. Feel free to comment with your criticism, I don't bite!  All suggestions will be taken into consideration. Even if you don't have any advice, uh, you can just comment here for plottings or to contact me. If you would like me to enable anon/screening/the usual stuff, drop me a PM.

Character info - as seen in app )
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[The community hasn't made Shelly post anything in quite a while. Months, in fact. That must be why, then, this post exists - a recording Shelly is evidently unaware of.

Something about it seems odd, though: there's nothing obviously interesting about it. It's just a several-hours-long video of Shelly having dinner at a table that is way too large for a single person, reading a book in a sofa chair with his cat on his lap, and then going to sleep in a bed that is also way too large for a single person.

When seen under the light of his recurrent insistence on the fact that he doesn't need people, though? It's kind of sad.]

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Mr. Greed? [Oh, hey. It's Shelly's voice. But something doesn't seem quite right...] I, I apologise for having left without warning, but... I would sincerely like your help now.

What? I figured you just went out for a while, doing whatever it is jelly does... Y'know if you needed somethin', you could've just come to see me in person.

No. In fact, er, I... am not really in the condition to go anywhere at the moment.

Cut for length )
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I will save all the... interested parties the trouble and formally announce that my birthday is on the seventeenth of January.

There you go.
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[Huh. This video must be getting recorded directly from the computer's monitor, because you see Shelly staring straight at you right now.

... Well, he had better not be staring straight at
you, because there's something odd about the look in his eyes; an uncharacteristic desire...

His face comes closer; he rests his chin on his hand. He bites his lip-- Oh good lord, there is
sweat rolling down his forehead.

An unsettling pause, and he backs away and looks down.

Not at the desktop. Closer to him. And further down.

Then, he spends about five minutes fidgeting and tapping his fingers before typing a text message that he mistakenly believes only Brennan will see:]

Doctor, are you still wearing that dress?
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Miss Harumi Fujiyoshi.
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[Shelly here is talking through a radio. Not very exciting, yeah, but maybe he's still going through... whatever he was going through the other day. Let's listen in!

Also, those of you familiar with Phoenix Wright may very well recognise the voice on the other end of the conversation...]

I would like to go over this one more time. You met Adrian Andrews at a bar and took the request at that time?

[Cool as ice.] Yes, that is correct.

And that's when you thought "he" was trustworthy...

[... Yes, okay, he's getting a little annoyed now.] How many times must I repeat myself? Yes, that is correct.

I'm sorry, but that is an impossible tale.


Shelly de Killer. You have never met the real Adrian Andrews!

[... Looking definitely stressed now.] Wh-Why would you say that...?

Because you made one very big slip-up... about her.

So what is the issue... [His confused expression slowly shifts to one that can only be described as "OH, BUGGER"] ... Wh-What did you say just now...? [Or perhaps a "ghhhrrrrggggk". You know what I mean.] About "her"...?

If you had ever met Adrian Andrews in person... One look at her would have told you that she is a woman!

[And now, community, you are about to witness a rare sight:

Shelly displaying emotion to the point where his monocle seriously
pops off his face.]

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I should have forgotten about Shinji Ikari already.

This community is--

I have simply been meeting too many peo--

I should buy Oliver a new toy.

((Strikes = typed and deleted))
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I walk away for two weeks and he gets himself killed...

How typical.

... It's for the best. He would simply think I had given up.

But perhaps I...

Well, I can stay in a hotel for a few more days, I suppose. If nothing changes by then, I will need to have a word with Ms. Eris.
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[There is an uncharacteristic tone of defeat in his voice:]

I suppose I have nowhere to go but home.
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That was a rather odd virus... or perhaps I should say an odd gathering of them. Has anything like this happened before?

Additionally, my sincerest thanks go to Issei, V and Shinji Ikari for their support during my, ah, predicament.

Locked to V and Shinji )
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[Securely locked to Greed; hackable if you're like, awesome with computers or something I dunno]

Mr. Greed, I must ask a favour of you.
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Ah, hello. My apologies for not posting about this immediately after the end of the virus, but I was quite busy. Now, that was an enjoyable little event, wasn't it? Pleasant, even. It is a shame that those kinds of viruses are a rarity.

[Locked to Italy~]

If you wish to have any more of my tea, you are quite welcome to arrange a worldhop and meet up with me at any time.

[Locked from the more law-abiding members of the community; hackable]

My time and my patience are running short. I wish to acquire a worldhopping device from anyone who may offer me one; I recommend that you make your negotiations under a lock. Thank you.


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